Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Love What I Do

I love my job! I can never pass up a consult with a client.

By word of mouth I recently received a call from a client who lives out of state.  His mothers house had recently sold and was closing in 16 days.  Great for the man but a challenge for an Estate Liquidator.  Good news was it was a clean house - just a matter of pulling out and researching/pricing, staging/setting up, advertising, calling buyers and doing the sale.  Then the final clean up.  Easy Peasy!

Except - my current situation:  Husband and #1 right hand man just had hernia repair surgery 1 week ago, #2 right had woman is down with bronchitis!  After seeing the house - talking it over with my #1 and #2 we decided that it was best to pass this sale - but my job wasn't done.  I needed to find my client an alternative.  That's what my job is - helping the client - one way or another.  Sometimes its not in my best interest but its always in my clients best interest.

Thats important to me and that's why I love my job.